Mollie Hemingway hammers liberal media for silence on Durham probe: 'They were part of this hoax'

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Media was complicit in corruption that led to Durham findings: Mollie Hemingway

Mollie Hemingway, senior editor at ‘The Federalist,’ argues mainstream media outlets are remaining silent on the Durham report because they were ‘part of this hoax.’

Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway called out the mainstream media for being complicit in the corruption that led to Special Counsel John Durham’s findings. On “Outnumbered” Monday, Hemingway argued that liberal media outlets’ silence is proof that they were part of the hoax to link former President Trump to Russia


MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: You had unsubstantiated sources who were making anonymously based claims that would lead the news for weeks at a time. But when you have an actual indictment, an actual court filing with proof and evidence of how bad this scandal is, the corrupt media are curiously silent, and they’re silent because they’re complicit. They were part of this hoax. They were part of the refusal to accept the 2016 election results, to refuse to accept who the Republican nominee was, and they caused so much damage. And they continue to cause damage to the country by that refusal to deal with the reality that people had elected Donald Trump. 

We already knew there was spying. … That emails and other things had been surveilled by the government against the Trump people. But we thought that mostly happened prior to when he was elected, or that it was people close to him. This latest news shows that that surveillance was continuing through the Clinton campaign and through these corrupt relationships while he was president, and that is undoubtedly not just a massive scandal, but the biggest political story we’ve had in a generation. And the failure of these other media outlets to cover it is only a reflection of their own complicity in the corruption of the regime and how they will do whatever it takes to control and keep power. 


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