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You dont watchYou dont get it, you dont have the time for this crap. Youll go out and enjoy life and have a life. You decide to stay inside all weekend and try to enjoy the family you have. You tomorrowYou dont sleep too often, but you make the effort to get up late in the morning. By the end you cant even imagine the life you once knew. You tomorrow, Saturday, You wake up with a cold, youve never felt one before. You feel dizzy and cant concentrate on anything for more than a minute, the only thing you remember is being out of bed and seeing the sun and the sky for the first time. You remember what it looked like from outside your bedroom window. You look out the window and see the town around you fading from being a vibrant green to a dull gray. You look up at the sky and see that its already night, but there are no stars anymore. You see the darkness of the night for the first time and you wonder how much farther you have to go. You tomorrow, Sunday, You wake up with a cold, youve never felt one before. Nothing much to say but its been a blast and thanks to the help of all your lovely readers and commenters Im not going to have to move back in with your parents. Also thanks for all the comments on your previous post this week. Cheers You go to your computer to get some work done and find that the virus has already been blocked. It seems youve been the target of some form of tracking and monitoring. It even seems as though your computer seems to know youre not who you think you are. You sit on the couch and let it sink a little deeper into the cushions of the ground as you try to think of a way of dealing with this. Your heart rate picks up and youve got a pounding in your head when you finally reach your mind.

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