Missouri conservative group confronts student senator as he takes down and throws away flags from 9/11 display

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A student senator at Washington University in St. Louis is being accused of stealing American flags from a 9/11 memorial display and throwing them in the trash.

In a video posted by Young Americans for Freedom, a student can be seen gathering small American flags into bags and attempting to carry them away. A total of 2,977 flags were placed on the lawn representing each murdered 9/11 victim.

The student, identified by YAF as Fadel Alkilani, serves as chairman of the student senate finance committee at the school. 

Nathaniel Hope, a member of the UW College Republicans, filmed the video and said that Alkilani had “no remorse” and claimed the flags were in “violation of school rules.”

Alkilani told YAF, “I did not violate any university or legal policy. Now go away.”

Alkilani reportedly bragged about the vandalism on Twitter saying that he wanted to “protest against American imperialism and the 900,000 lives lost as a result of post 9/11 war.” His Twitter account has been made private so that only followers can view his tweets.

In an Instagram story, Alkilani shared a post from Washington University in St. Louis’s Instagram account highlighting the display, commenting, “Republicans attacking me in the replies.” 

Students say that Alkilani had attempted to destroy the memorial on Friday night but was told to stop by campus police.

Fox News reached out to Alkilani, campus police, and Washington University but did not immediately receive a response.

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