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On a positive note, she did list some things that might help you, and mentioned that perhaps giving her phone number would help out as well. If you didnt have a cell phone, you could try texting her on here, but you didnt really have anything useful to say. You could also email her, as that seemed like a pretty quick and quick way to get a response. Hi, I really enjoyed your classes and I was wondering if I could talk to you again in a few weeks to discuss more about my mind over matter training. I still go to the same sessions you did, but I find that Im even more motivated to keep going now that I know I can talk to you about it to help me. She was super friendly and seemed eager to help you as always, so you were happy with that. You sent your email to her, and within an hour you got a response back. The next day you went over to her house and you and her talked a little about your situations and what you wanted to do. You found that she was excited to help you in more ways than just going to your classes. When you came home, you got a text from her saying that she wanted to talk on the phone so you had it on speaker and talked on the phone. It was a short call, but it was all worth it to get to know her better. Ve been meaning to meet up more with you for a while and was wondering if we could hang out. Re very busy with your classes, but I wanted to see if maybe we could hang out. You have to admit, you felt a little awkward just talking on the phone to a girl you met on the internet for the first time in person. T really know what to say, but you were pretty sure that you had a good idea by the time you got to one of her questions. I dunno, I talked about my situation a lot in my messages, but you did an okay job of it. Ve kept going on about it, but I guess that would be a big deal of revealing everything and breaking up with you.

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