Millions worse off if PIP and Attendance Allowance are means tested

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Attendance Allowance: Age UK helps man claim benefit

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Currently Britons can claim up to £627 in Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or £369 in Attendance Allowance each month, no matter what their income. However, the Conservative party has not ruled out changes in the Autumn Budget to the way disability benefits are determined.

As the cost of living crisis continues to make life miserable for many Britons, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has not ruled out disability benefits becoming means-tested.

When faced with questions in the House of Commons. Mel Stride, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions did not rule out the idea that benefits could become means-tested, according to the Daily Star.

Benefit claimants are one of the worst hit groups by the cost of living crisis as they have less wriggle room to make savings.

A decision on whether benefits will rise in line with inflation is expected when Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, delivers his Autumn Statement to Parliament on November 17.

Some 2.9 million people depend on PIP payments which are paid to people who have a health condition that affects their everyday lives.

The benefit is not means -tested so it doesn’t matter if someone is still working or if they have savings in the bank.

Another 1.8 million people claim Attendance Allowance which is paid to people with a disability or health condition over state pension age.

Again, it’s not currently means tested so it doesn’t matter how much a claimant may have in savings but any changes to the way these benefits are claimed could affect nearly five million people.

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At the same time, almost three and a half (3.4) million pensioners with a disability or health condition are missing out on Attendance Allowance worth £369 a month.

Age UK is providing tips to help applicants fill out the form and increase their chances of a successful outcome.

It’s the most underclaimed benefit in the UK yet Britons with 56 illnesses qualify for this disability benefit from the DWP.

To qualify, applicants must be able to demonstrate they have struggled with their condition for at least six months or are terminally ill.

PIP is not presently means tested and is paid in two parts:

  • The enhanced rate for the daily living component is currently £89.60 per week, which will increase to £92.40.
  • The standard rate for this component is set to rise from £60 to £61.85.
  • Meanwhile, the enhanced rate for the mobility component will change from £62.55 to £64.50.

Pension Credit is another benefit that is underclaimed – around 850,000 pensioners are thought to be missing out on this benefit that is means tested.

In fact, £15billion is unclaimed in DWP benefits every year.

Campaigners say there has never been a more important time to do a benefits check.

People can do this quickly online by using a benefits calculator at Turn2Us or GOV.UK.

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