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ANDROID smartphone owners have been told to watch out for fake apps masquerading as banking reward schemes.

The only person that really benefits is a secret hacker who uses it to steal sensitive information like passwords.

Microsoft actually uncovered the sinister scheme and raised the alarm.

It starts off with an unexpected text message which tells targets they have earned points through their credit card that will expire soon.

A link claims to take them to a site where they can download an app to spend their points – but you should not tap it.

These apps are not what they claim to be and are actually riddled with shady malware tech that allows hackers to steal information and take control.

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Details from texts, logs of who you've been calling and private credit card information can be acquired.

The fake app will actually ask for your credit card number, which should be an immediate red flag.

Cybercriminals can also trigger worrying things like a phone reboot.

According to Microsoft's expert investigation, this particular cases concerns Indian bank customers.

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But everyone should be aware as these sorts of tactics are easily spread across the world.

"We strongly advise users never to click on unknown links received in SMS messages, emails, or messaging apps," the firm said.

"We also recommend seeking your bank’s support or advice on digital options for your bank.

"Further, ensure that your banking apps are downloaded from official app stores to avoid installing malware."

What is malware?

Malware is shortened term meaning malicious software.

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It comes in all shapes and sizes, such as viruses, trojans and worms.

Cyber-criminals make and use them, most of the time for their own financial gain.

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