Military veteran on 'Fox & Friends First': Black community has 'buyer's remorse' over Biden's failures

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Military vet argues Biden ‘failed Black community,’ many experiencing ‘buyer’s remorse’

Military veteran and candidate for U.S. Senate in Georgia, Kelvin King, argued the Democratic Party has ‘taken the Black vote for granted for years.’

Military veteran and candidate for U.S. Senate in Georgia, Kelvin King, blasted President Biden arguing he and other Democrats “failed the Black community” as recent polls suggest plummeting support for the 46th president in Black and Latino communities across the country. King joined “Fox & Friends First” on Tuesday to discuss the findings, saying the party itself has “taken the Black vote for granted for years.”


KELVIN KING: I think what’s happening right now is that the American people who voted for Joe Biden, they’re waking up. They’re finally waking up and they’re experiencing a bit of buyer’s remorse especially in the Black community. The Democratic Party, they’ve taken the Black vote for granted for years. We all know this and the Biden administration, what they’re doing right now is a bit embarrassing. I mean, we have vaccine mandates that are costing jobs in the Black community. We have the debacle in Afghanistan and our military members who are Black are embarrassed about that, and we have a border crisis that’s poorly managed. Don’t forget about inflation. Inflation is hitting everybody and their pocketbooks. And Black men- we want opportunity. Just like any other American, we want to be able to pursue our American dream and we don’t want handouts or special privileges. This is why I’m running. This is why I’m running to protect and preserve the American dream, which is the theme of my campaign and I look forward to standing toe to toe with Senator Warnock, who represents Georgia on the debate stage, to discuss how he and the Biden administration has failed the Black community.


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