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Rummel You go with the systemYoure tired of being forced to adapt to some vague and unknown system, so youre going to go with the system you were born with. You go back and forth thinking on whether or not fractions should be used. You go over to the computer and type in four. You see the screen display four as the answer. The computer comes up with an answer, and you see your money disappear from the game screen. You go with the GameLets just stick with the game, you say. I dont like fractions, so its better to just go with what the game is telling me. The computer displays four, and displays it in what looks to you like a good-natured way. The two of you sit back and relax until the game ends. The game ends with a big red X which you put in your book of life entries. You have a ConversationI remember when I was your age, you say. I never wanted to be your age, you say. Then I never wanted to be your age either, the computer says. Youre on your own at home, the computer says. You sit back and relax until the game ends. You look to the computer screen and see a pair of glasses sitting on the floor. Then the image of a girl with curly hair and glasses, sits on the screen.

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