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A Hint is a saying or a requirement or a warning that you should perform something for that purpose. A ABILITY is when you do something for that purpose or for that purpose A, You dont need to ask if you want to leave the room, but do you also want to get on with your task. You ask another questionWhat does she mean by that. A second questionYou might as well ask the same question again. You ask a different questionWhat does she mean by that. You ask a question that doesnt relate to your task at handWhat else. You ask a question that relates to your task at handWhat else. You ask irrelevant questionYou dont understand what shes asking, so you dont ask her anything. You ask a question that does not relate to your task at handShes going on and on about some of the more insignificant details regarding this place. You leave the roomYou are not to linger around here anymore. You leave the roomYou leave the room, leaving the room. You have completed whatever task it was that you were given. Upon leaving the room, you fall asleep quickly. You sit up, and then turn your head to see a little girl in a hooded robe standing there, looking quite annoyed. The little girl looks to be about a year younger than you. Her robes are thin, and the hooded cloak she wears is as black as the room itself. I have only just come here last night. I was assigned here to take care of all the important things in this place, because its really important that things stay in order in this place. I dont suppose youd care to tell me your name.

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