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You take a test driveYouve always been curious about making money, even if you hadnt considered that it could be possible. That and youre going to be joining a bank, and banks always offer free car loans. You go to the Meridians Credit Union and you pay a few dollars for a car loan. You think itll be a good way to see if this is something youre really interested in. You head over to the local bank where you take out a regular debit card, which is a little bit more of a hassle than you had hoped. You give your name, address, and credit card number, but you dont really have a grasp on how much it should cost you. You have to call the bank, but you have to do so in a different language, and you dont speak much english then they have to put a hold on your debit card. You head back to the Meridians Credit Union. You show the teller your debit card and he asks you a few questions, which he then hands you a bill. He then tells you to go sit in a booth by yourself. You head over to the booth where you sit down with a bunch of other people. So whats the best way to make money. You think theyre asking if youve ever done anything illegal or illegal intent illegal, but you really cant think of anything in particular. Im just asking what your best way is. How about robbing a bank, I dont know why, I just have good feeling about it, but I think you would do okay. Im sure, they agree, then after looking around, they continue, What about you. Well, you dont see any danger. Oh, well okay then, get out of my booth, you say. You go in the bank and rob itYou go to the nearest bank, and as you wait, you see several other people in a similar situation. Youre wondering what that person did in this situation, as well as who the hell she is. You see a lady in a suit come out of a small office and she tells people all to get back behind the desk and not.

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