Mercantilism was an economic system of trade that spanned from the 16th century to …

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The only thing the fucking fucking United States did to this place was bring us to fucking ruin. M pretty sure the militia would appreciate that. Ve been better off in the middle ages where there were no free will and all you had to do was submit to the religion of your choice. You start rubbing your eyes and rub your temples. S getting hard sometimes to focus on the conversation. T even see fucking anything different happening. Why should we all migrate to the city now. T have to travel all over the fucking countryside either. You rub your face and look at the ground. M not even really all that concerned with it all. I mean like I said, I still have my job. S something I have to live with then so be it, but if my future is going to be just like your past, then so be it. You know, we could live like that. S just not a long term solution at this point.

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