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S always a good sign when Tylir is the one speaking. D be a godsend in taking the strain off of the rest of us. D make it like a bacchanal at your castle instead. I mean it was my idea in the first place, why not do it. T worry about the slaves, we can take them eventually. Ll just give them something to do while we wait for the process to occur. It takes days, but all the prisoners are taken in a quick raid. The children are taken away as soon as possible, and once Mr. Fel is satisfied, the rest of the prisoners are divided up between you and Mr. Ve been separated for such a long time. Ve always managed to keep your friendship with them. They have no desire to break free now so your task is made a lot easier. The festivities take place in a mansion that the Fel family owns, as well as a few other villas that are part of the same family. The prisoners are made to dress up in the finest clothing of the time and Mr. Tylir personally teaches them magic to make their time there more enjoyable. A few of the children show an interest in the magic too, but Mr. Re told that this is an important occasion and you are to participate, but there will be no celebration if you fail. And you know for sure there was no celebration if you had failed in your role. This is why you had to prove your worth every step of the way.

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