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So, the goal of the Connections Blog is to show the community what is new coming to Salesforce, and what is coming soon and what is already out there. We look to connect members with the community, and we are always looking for new ways to share information. We will be posting frequently on the Connections Blog and we look forward to hearing from you. Migos newest single, Bad and Boujee, just dropped. The Atlanta trio has become the latest hip-hop group to drop a project in the wake of Donald Trumps win. Its their first release before November, and its a pretty standard Migos rap record. However, the track sounds like it was lifted from a Kanye West album. Not only that, but its actually a remix of a song that was released before it. YGs Touch the Sky was released in June, and features Migos. Both verses are a little longer and feature guest MCs like Travis Scott, 2 Chainz and Quavo. YG also collaborated with Drake on Never Be Like You, and the duo contributed to YGs Back to Back. Those who are familiar with Migos are familiar with both verses. On Bad and Boujee, however, the verses seem to have been lifted from Kendrick Lamars Alright. The song is a slow-dance number that features Migos on the hook. The remix is an interesting development, as it adds another Migos song to the playlist of songs being dropped by the band. Theyve already done their work on No Problem, Bad and Boujee and Dirty Sprite 2. The only other release that Migos did before this one was Versace on the Floor. Bad and Boujee is available now on iTunes and other digital retailers. A lot of the time, you cant get through the process of starting a business without taking a look at your finances first. Whether you have an investor or a bank willing to finance your business, youll want to know where it goes and what it gets paid out. But how does your business bank account get paid out. That was never even part of the discussion between you and the bank. For starters, the bank isnt supposed to let you use funds from your business, either directly or indirectly, for other things. If theyre giving you loan money, say, or a line of credit that theyre providing you, thats an easy one: theyre not supposed to be giving you money that would otherwise be used for something.

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