Meet the seven-year-old YouTuber who is now worth more than £135million

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Unlike a lot of YouTubers, Anastasia has not just multiple income streams but multiple businesses under her brand, with the most recent being her venture in NFT digital artworks, some of which have sold at auction for $16,000 (£11,568). Her parents Anna and Sergey both sold their companies in 2015 to create the Like Nastya YouTube channel, surviving off their family savings until the channel became profitable.

Anastasia, also known as Nastya, Like Nastay and Stacy, is the child star of several YouTube channels for children, beginning with toy unboxing and later including vlogs of family holidays, amusement park trips and lifestyle videos featuring her family.

When Anastasia was born in January 2014 she was misdiagnosed with cerebral palsy and doctors warned her parents that she might never be able to speak.

At the time, her mother owned a bridal salon in Krasnodar earning around 300,000 Russian Rubles (£2,975) per month and her father had a construction company which was slightly more profitable but a lot less stable.

In late 2015, Mr and Mrs Radzinskaya both sold their companies and started the Like Nastya channel on YouTube, by August of that year the family had been able to visit, and vlog, six different countries.

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They started the channel in order to deal with Anastasia’s diagnosis and as a form of therapy, encouraging her to speak, walk and enjoy herself while documenting and sharing the moment to keep friends and family updated with her condition.

Anastasia’s parents spent around 1 – 1.5million Russian Rubles (£9,917 – £14,875) every month from their savings until the channel became popular enough to join YouTube’s partner program and Like Nastya’s videos was quickly dubbed into multiple languages like Bangla, French and Korean.

Once her YouTube career truly took off the family moved from Krasnodar Krai, Russia to Florida, America. Since then her parents have signed with the multi-channel network Yoola, and the Like Nastya video team has grown to include two professional video editors.

Forbes magazine noted Anastasia as “one of the world’s fastest-growing creators, thanks to videos in seven languages” in 2019, and she soon became the third highest-paid YouTuber in the world with an estimated annual income of $18million (£13million).

Combining the viewership across her six channels makes Anastasia the biggest children’s YouTuber in the world, the most popular children’s vlogger on YouTube and the third most subscribed to children’s YouTuber.

She has earned her fair share of seven diamond YouTube play buttons, awarded to YouTube creators with over 10 million subscribers.

Her biggest channel, the original Like Nastya, is the eighth most subscribed channel with 76.5 million subscribers and 61.4 billion views, across all of her channels, Anastasia has over 220 million loyal subscribers.

The child star’s popularity is so unprecedented that even her least successful channel has 17 million subscribers, this is said to be because of her relatability which keeps her equally young audience thoroughly entertained.

Not only does Anastasia have an incredibly profitable YouTube career, alongside an equally popular merchandise line, she has also recently made the jump into digital art and NFT trading at only seven-years-old.

The ‘Nastya’s Originals’ NFT collection is designed with her audience in mind, including a ‘Nastya for All’ token which was only available during the launch week, allowing the owners to engage with Nastya on her social channels and can be redeemed for a personalised, customised birthday greeting from the child star herself.

A live video meet and greet as well as a physical Nastya toys package can be exchanged for the ultra-rare ‘One of One’ token, with more surprises and announcements for her audience being announced soon.

NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens, a digital asset that stays in the blockchain and can be made in the form of drawings, pictures, music and more. The tokens are made mainly for trading but can also be sold on the secondary market.

NFTs can be purchased or bid on (auctioned off), with a single one of Nastya’s most recent tokens selling at auction for an astonishing $16,000 (£11,568).

One of Anastasia’s other most notable income streams in her official mobile game, created by her parents to provide an educational, fun, multi-genre game following Nastya, her father and their cat Funny in a world of adventures.

Anastasia’s net worth of $187.2million (£135million) is compiled from YouTube earnings, sponsorship deals, product reviews, endorsements, paid ads and NFT.

The pint-sized star can be found on all social media platforms, hoping to be an inspiration to her audience of children and parents alike.
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