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You ask for an accountThe next time you see Bob you are talking to him about having an online banking account so he can be able to shop more and more. You mention that at least you wanted an online banking account and Bob says he doesnt, but he mentioned he had an online banking account in high school and just forgot about it. Before you leave Bob mentions that if you had made online banking a habit of your own in high school, You never spoke to him that much in high school anyway, you would have had a checking account in college too. You have never really thought about that before since Bob was the only person you ever knew at that time. Now that you think about it, that was the first thing you did when you left your house and went to live at Bobs house. You remember the day was Saturday so you didnt really do much except eat and sleep. You did go to Bobs house and spend some time with him there before you left because you found it interesting to live with someone who was so different than the people you had known before. You cant imagine how different he was from the people you had lived with before you left your house. You wonder when you were going to realize it by yourself. As the days pass Bob has more and more plans for you and you become more and more devoted to him. You are going to be able to run your own little store and you are really excited about this idea. There are times where you wonder if you should pursue this new dream. Should you even have an online banking account just to pay for something with a credit card. It is a lot better than having an account and you are pretty sure if you cant pay it off at your job, you can always get a line of credit on your future home. The worst thing is when Bob goes to town and he tells you he is going to lose his job soon, and you realize that you will be without the means to buy much at all. You think about all the things you can do to help Bob and you have to think about something fast or he is going to be getting some real hard times soon. You give Him What He Needs NowYou realize that Bob cant really run his own small store by himself unless he becomes really good at it and by that time you might not be around to help him. He needs help with the basics like buying materials and working at his store. You think long and hard about what can you give him that would help him. You decide that maybe he doesnt need a lot of new products that he cant even afford to buy himself. You think about your own small store where you have a lot of experience in, and the way you have been running it all these years. It would be simple to do the same thing again and you have no reason to think you wouldn.

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