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Html on 15 January 2018You: And so we have got Canada and Puerto Rico to a final, its 7:0. We have not reached the final yet, I want to know if this continues and what this means for the rest of the series, or if I need to rethink that, because it might be bad news for me if I let these teams slip by. Wife:, Thinking, I think it means they are still going to get through. Wife: Yeah and, as I said, I think it means if Canada were to slip by they get to skip the first semi-final match on the 24th. You: Hmm, I cant say I approve of this, but given that you mentioned Puerto Rico, perhaps this is good news. Wife:, Thinking again, I think this means it is getting to a semi-final and if Canada were to sneak through then they would avoid the first match on the day against Venezuela on 26 January. You dont careYou: Oh, thats alright then, Ill leave it up to you. Im sure when you get home youll be able to do it. You go to sleep and the following morning you see the flag raising for the first time. The crowd is excited at the prospect of a final that will be seen to be decided in such a spectacular fashion. You awake to see that your wife has gone to bed and after brushing your teeth you go about your daily activities. Youre a bit apprehensive about the semi-final and have no real idea what to expect, but youre going to be ready. You have no idea what to watch as the selection is made available to the general public and the usual choices are blocked out by other sporting events and so you can do nothing but wait impatiently and watch the live TV feed from what looks to be all over the world. You watch for more informationAs you watch, you finally realise that you are on a space station and when you look out the window you are in a dark space, with the sun hidden behind the far side. The moon is bright in the sky, but it is so far away it is not quite visible. It is getting harder to see the stars though and they are starting to get harder to see too. You also notice that the station is rotating and seems to be going in circles. You turn your head and suddenly realise that you can now see the Earth. Its small little dot of a world, stretching almost out of sight and yet it feels strangely familiar.

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