Martin Lewis shares ‘top pick’ travel cards for spending abroad summer

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Martin Lewis has shared the top cards for travelling abroad this summer helping families save some extra cash.

Most credit and debit cards can be spent abroad; however, people will be charged a fee around three percent for each transaction.

To avoid this, Britons can opt for a specialist travel card that doesn’t charge extra fees for use abroad.

A specialist card can save people over £100 per holiday. On , Martin Lewis and his team of experts gave examples of the potential savings that can be made.

“Here’s how much spending $1,000 can cost in pounds (we assumed five $100 cash withdrawals and 20 transactions of $25 each on the cards):

  • Top specialist credit/debit card repaid in full: £818
  • Cash via cheapest bureau (pick up in London): £821
  • Cash from M&S on the high street: £829
  • Using a debit card with a spending charge: £872
  • Changing cash at airport (not pre-ordered): £949.”

What are the top cards for spending abroad?

Chase offers “virtually perfect” exchange rates, and one percent cashback for up to 15months.

Britons can use it alongside their main bank, and it only does an ID check.

Alternatively, the Barclaycard Rewards credit card offers interest-free withdrawals, plus gives an ongoing 0.25 percent cashback.

It should be noted that people only get it if they repay in full each month.

Another option is First Direct’s debit card. It offers interest free spending and a free £175 if someone switches. Customers also have access to their seven percent regular saver.

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Starling’s Mastercard debit card* offers all overseas spending and ATM withdrawals fee-free and interest-free.

There’s a new app only bank Kroo’s which offers a Visa debit card*.

This is entirely fee-free to use, however from November 1, people will only be able to withdraw £200/month fee-free (three percent fee above).

It also pays 4.1 percent AER savings interest on up to £85,000 and only requires an ID check to open.

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Those worried about conversion rates and currency swings can consider a prepaid travel card where people can lock in a rate.

Savers can load it in the currency of their choice before they go or load it with pounds, so it uses the exchange rate when they spend.

For more information, people can visit each bank’s respective websites for details on how to apply.

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