Martin Lewis explains when you can expect council tax rebates of £150 ‘substantial delays’

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Martin Lewis lays out when to expect £150 council tax refund

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Money Saving Expert founder Martin Lewis fronted a one hour Money Show on ITV this week to help people through the cost of living crisis. One question he was asked is when can people expect their council tax refunds?

During the live programme, Paul called in to ask Mr Lewis’ advice after still not receiving his council tax rebate.

The caller said: “I’m in Chesterfield. We have still not had the £150 council tax refund yet, do you know when we’ll get it?

In response Mr Lewis said: “So this is the £150 that’s meant to help people with energy bills for those in bands A to D on council tax.

“Now in England – which Chesterfield clearly is – if you pay by direct debit it should have been paid automatically.”

While councils initially said they would make the refunds by April, Mr Lewis said they are experiencing “substantial delays”.

He explained: The original promise was that it was likely to come in April – many councils couldn’t get it together in time.

“The vast majority should have paid it by the end of May so if you don’t get it this month then I’d get in touch with your council.

“However, if you don’t pay by direct debit then the council should contact you to let you know how to claim it.”

The financial journalist continued: “If eventually you don’t do that they will take it as a rebate of your bill, they’ll just reduce your bill.

“But I’m hearing that for those who don’t pay by direct debit there may be some substantial delays with many councils.”

The council tax refunds will be paid to people in council tax bands A to D to help them meet the soaring cost of energy bills.

The energy price cap is expected to rise again, by £830 to £2,800 in October, according to Ofgem.

Britons who don’t live in a band A to D property might still be able to get financial support.

Councils have been given a Household Support Fund to help local families through the cost of living crisis.

The new Household Support Fund will be distributed by councils in England to directly help those who need it most.

The grant will be distributed through small payments to support vulnerable households meet daily needs such as food, clothing, and utilities.

The criteria for qualifying households will differ from council to council so anyone who is struggling is advised to get in touch to see if they could benefit from this extra help.

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Meanwhile, some councils have been warning residents to make sure their rebate is not swallowed up if they are living in their overdraft.

Westminster council stated: “If you are overdrawn, you can exercise your first right of appropriation on the £150 payment, so that your bank doesn’t use it to pay off your overdraft.”

The National Debt website has a sample letter for people to use if they wish to exercise their right of appropriation.

It can be downloaded and emailed to banks if needed.

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