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Then the Planets were replaced by a newly created one. It means, in short, that Earth is too damn close to Mars. You believe the explanationThe Earth is just too fucking big and were too damn close to the Red Planet; it all makes perfect sense now. In any case, Earth and Mars are the only two planets in the system, so it makes sense that were the only two surviving civilisations in this fucking system. Lets get the fuck out of here before anyone starts planning for a new invasion. You continueSo what do you want from me, exactly. Yeah, but how are we going to get there. I mean how the fuck do we pay for the trip. Well, uh, well, you know how I said well be able to afford the trip if we donate all our money in one go. I dont fucking understand what it is you want from me, because the only thing you could really do is try to steal this spaceship and take us to Mars. I mean, unless theres a reason for that, why would you want to do that. Why the fuck are you telling me all this. How the hell do I know you dont just have some sort of evil plan to get me and the ship back. Do I look like the sort of person who likes being lied to. Look, Ill tell you what, well go with you if you donate ten fuckin million dollars to Mars. I dont fucking know how were gonna pay for it, well figure it out somehow, thats the only thing Im sayin. Maybe youre wrong and this isnt the way to go. Were going Mars, were going to Mars, were going to Mars. Dont you fucking listen to what the fuck Mars is doing to our fuckin planet. I mean, you fuckin want to live there. Its all fuckin fuckin ours, you dont have any fuckin business fuckin with us. Were gonna Mars, were gonna Mars. Mars is our fucking home, well do anything to protect it.

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