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As you read through these words, you realise these are a mix of your interests, you should get some of them from this course. Youre probably a salesperson, a marketing manager, a communicator, an executive, a marketer, a researcher, a strategist and everything in between. You cant believe you didnt think of it. Thank you for all of those words you just told me. Im sure you can tell me what I did wrong. I wish I hadnt spent so much time trying to figure out what the hell I could do. You need to get the next course in right away. I need to get the next course, in right away. I need to get the course that helps me do what I like. I want to be in control over what I like, and what I dont like. Youre shocked to hear her speak so directly to you. You cant believe you didnt realise that she would feel that way. You wont be able to until youve read every book in the course. You say, I want you to read it right away. I need time to prepare before I start, but youll be able to get started. Because I want to see what youre going to do. I want to see how youll react and how you think.

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