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The MarketYou remember when you were in the market a few weeks ago you could smell the good quality, unadulterated garbage thats meant to be in the dumpsters. The next morning you went back to the market and it was even worse, the trash was even worse and there was even more of everything like broken glass, used syringes, feces, vomit and what you assume is human shit. Maybe its because youre not used to the smell of garbage or the taste of dead bodies, but you dont want to be in the market. You enter the market, which is actually quite different now. The dumpsters are filled with garbage, cardboard boxes are filled with everything and everything is covered in dirt. In the middle of the market stands a metal barricade with an signs that says DONT DIE HERE. The barricade has four pieces of metal attached to it and they are all the size of children. You watch the people going by, some of them looking like they dont even want to be in the market, but their children force them to come. As youre watching the people slowly walking by the barricade you notice a girl who looks to be about your age. Shes wearing a tight-fitting tank top that shows a lot of stomach, high heeled shoes with laces. The only piece of clothing that isnt tight-fitting is her hair. Shes been here for hours, but she can barely keep up with the people walking by. The people arent just walking by her though. One of them says to a couple of others that arent the girl, and they nod. You get the impression that maybe shes not crying, but the way the people are talking to each other, you get the impression that she is crying and shes just hiding it. Maybe we can find out soon, just come and join us over there. That statement catches you completely off guard. She isnt crying, she hasnt changed her clothes, and she isnt missing. You dont know who was speaking to who, but whoever it was seemed to be a part of the gang of guys that are scaring the little kids. The men are now looking to you and asking you to join them and they get very serious and talk to you in a way that feels like its threatening you. You cant help but wonder if you just did something thats putting you into the middle of a gang war.

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