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A market can be a buyer and a seller, an individual and a business, or a group of people and a business. It can also be a place where different business transactions take place. You accept the challengeYou agree to try and convince the crowd that you can do a better job. You enter the marketplace with your horse and a few guardsmen. You see a group of young children making noise and shouting insults at the various vendors, making a bit of noise but nothing that would even raise an eyebrow on most, let alone them. They dont look like theyve been paying attention to anything else thats been going on, but this isnt exactly a high priority for you. You quickly learn though, that in this world, the price for silence is very high. You arent going to stand for their childish actions and you end up having to defend yourself from a few of the attacks. You quickly end up in a fight with a child, who throws a rock and smacks into your right eye, causing you to stumble and drop your weapon. You try to catch yourself quick enough not to injure yourself more but unfortunately fall into a nearby well that theyve been digging. You die a slow painful death with many regrets. A group of about five or six bandits enter the well, they recognize you, and they take you by the hand. They say and they lead you through the well. The bandits quickly get off you and take you to a small hideout. You learn what happenedYou stand in silence as you learn what really happened to you that dark night. You learn that your father had been a caravan guard, and the bandits broke in, killed him, took most of his money but left all his belongings. They were after the bandits hideout, but found out that they were in the process of burying everyone and were planning on starting a new life anyway. The bandits were happy of course, since now they would be allowed to live out their lives unhindered. You were also happy, because you still had all your belongings after all. The bandits took you to where the bandits were planning on burying the corpses. You sat in a nearby chair and watched them dig up a man, an old woman, a child and some of the bandits valuables. We need to get into the treasure, The bandits chief says to you, And thats where the bandits are digging a mass grave. If we kill them now, then the corpses will decompose and the treasure will not belong to them anymore, so if we dont do it, then it belongs to us.

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