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In economics any that more so, anything more. You open the door, and go out into the street. In the distance, you see the large metal sign with the words DELTA coming up from the ground. As you walk faster and faster, you pass the same store, and eventually it comes into view. After a moment of staring at it, you decide to go through. You walk into the store and the woman behind the counter looks up at you. You notice her hair is different, and that shes wearing a different shirt. You dont recognize the face behind the counter, but after a moment of looking around she puts down her cutlery and face to face you. My name is Robbie and Im here for the rocket launcher. Well, its been in stock here for a while now. It might be, but if it isnt, Im going to have to pay full price. You pay the full priceYou walk over to the counter and pick up one of the boxes from the floor. You open it up with a couple of screws and take out the launcher. When you look to the woman behind the counter she notices your reaction and smiles. I will, you say and close the box before turning around. You walk to an empty spot on the floor and try to aim your rocket launcher at the top of the box. You fire and the rocket goes into the box, but theres no explosion. Its a good thing because if it had exploded any lower, the missile wouldve probably been damaged. You look at the launcher and the rocket launcher looks at you. Im going to have to fire a lot of missiles at this place. Its going to be expensive, but Im sure I can charge you a nice price. The woman looks at you and smiles as you turn and walk out the store. You find yourself in the middle of a battle between robots and the military is trying to stop you. You keep firing at the robots, and the rocket launcher that you obtained in the store flies into the air.

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