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The non-denominational school system consisted solely of denominational schools and was generally considered superior to the denominational schools. You sign up for the non-denominational non-sect religious schoolYou sign up for The St. Catherines School in Winnipeg, the non-denominational non-sect religious school since there were many non-denominational non-sect religious private schools in Winnipeg. Catherines School was the only non-denominational non-sect religious private school in Winnipeg, It was also the only non-denominational religious private school in North America, You were able to continue to be a Christian because the school did not require you to attend a meeting of a religious cult. You felt no shame in continuing to attend the non-denominational non-sect religious school. Some of the teachers were nice and the other children were friendly. At the school you learned the fundamentals of your religion. The non-denominational non-sect religious school was a good place to have learned your religion. The school was non-sect, there were only private, non-denominational religious private schools in Winnipeg, or at least that would have been the case when you went to the school. It was also non-denominational, there were no non-denominational religious leaders involved in the school. There were no non-denominational religious rituals at the school. Catherines School and other non-sect religious schools were forced to shutter their doors. Catherines School was closed, and there were no more non-sect religious private schools in Winnipeg. It is unlikely that there would ever be another one. You could not have been happier about The St. You were happy for a while, until puberty hit, and your body started to change. Dating, drinking and drugs started becoming a problem. Your mother and father couldnt give you the guidance you so desperately needed. You had to start from scratch in terms of finding yourself. Your mother, a religious woman, told you that God wanted you and that there were only two choices for you to embrace your faith. You could go to a denominational private school with a non-denominational religious orientation. The other option was to go to a non-denominational non-sect religious school. You looked at the two options and chose the former. You continued to attend this way for several years, until you were eighteen years old. When you were eighteen years old, you met a girl.

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