Man shares how he turns rubbish into £1,000 a week

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Martyn, who runs a YouTube channel called Retail Waste Exposed, works as a ‘dumpster diver’, searching the waste bins of retail stores for items that can be recovered and sold on. He started doing it to support his family as a child but now it’s his full-time job earning him between £200 and £1,000 a week.

The dumpster diver’s top hauls include £30,000 of beauty products from a distribution centre and £100,000 of nail varnish, as well as some iPhone and hard drives.

The nail varnish came from a group of 50 boxes with some 300 bottles in each box. Martyn does his diving on weekends, spending about 12 hours a week searching for items and then repairing, selling or donating them.

He said: “It’s an incredible amount of money. I grew up in a struggling family when I was a child, one day I found food in a Tesco dumpster and it all started there.”

However, he said not everyone can make a living rummaging through dumpsters, while he has been doing it for years.

The 47-year-old, from Kent, said it’s disappointing there is so much waste despite the cost of living crisis.

He commented: “I’d like the shops to do better. We’re all forced to do so much for the environment and blamed, but on a commercial level they waste so much.

“I found a hundred thousand pounds of nail varnish a few months ago, and that was all sent to a landfill.”

The dumpster diver donates a large part of what he finds or gives it away to friends and family as well.

He added: “I donate 90 percent of what I find to charity. I like to donate to independent charities, I’ve been behind a few food banks and they throw away so much stuff.”

As the cost of everyday essentials continues to increase, ever more Britons are turning to side hustles to make ends meet.

Experts at Geonode said there are many ways people can earn more money. The group said: “Branching out on multiple sources of income is helpful to anybody, whether a student or a working professional.

“It’s certainly not easy to find a part-time job or set up a side business, but there are more straightforward ways. One such way would be through using passive income apps.”

One simple option to try is Sweatcoin, an app that provides a person with credits for every 1,000 steps they take.

The credits can’t be exchanged for cash but they can be used to purchase products or gift cards.

The experts said: “You’re still getting something for free simply by walking. Sweatcoin might even motivate you to walk more every single day.

“So, if there’s a location you want to go to and it’s within walking distance, you might want to walk instead of going there by car or public transport.”

Sweatcoin is also working with the NHS to help develop healthy incentive programmes to go used across the country.

Music lovers may want to try passive income app Current. This allows users to earn extra income through listening to music.

People earn points by listening to tunes which they can then exchange for money. The app says users can earn up to $600 (£495) a year.

The experts at Geonode said: “When using Current, you’ll only listen to curated playlists, so you will not be able to skip any song.

“Although, you can find new music through it. If you love listening to music every day, then Current is a great way to earn some extra cash.”

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