Man shares how he earns extra £2,000 a month thanks to crazy side hustles

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A young man is sharing on TikTok how he was able to earn the equivalent of over £2000 in one month thanks to multiple side hustles. Brody, a content creator from Australia, revealed he made an extra $4,000 AUS (£2089 GBP) in a matter of weeks.

This is on top of the salary from his full-time job and could be made without having to leave his sofa. On his TikTok channel, the young man shares advice to those looking to follow in his footsteps.

Young people in particular are taking on side hustles to help generate income during these challenging economic times.

In a recent TikTok video, Brody gave his followers a breakdown of how much he has been able to make in a one-month period.

He shared: “Let’s go through every side hustle I did in the last four weeks to make £3,000 which is crazy. A really consistent and good one for me is online surveys which you answer questions about yourself and give your thoughts on advertisements, and they pay you money.

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Was a slay month for side hustling

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“Just using sites like PureProfile and AttaPoll. I get asked a lot for ones that are worldwide and I tried this one called Eureka this morning and made $6.62 in like 25 minutes.”

Outside of surveys, Brody also makes money through his affiliate marketing side hustle through which he made over $400 over a month.

He also takes part in market research through a website called Askable, which involves people giving their thoughts about products and services over Zoom.

The content creator was able to make $45 for participating in a market research session that only lasted 23 minutes.

On top of this, Brody also had his own Etsy store where he sells merchandise and has multiple brands that help generate income.

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In the comment section of his video, his followers shared their surprise at how much he was able to make in such a short amount of time. One follower said: “This was actually helpful. Some of the options you mention work worldwide so I appreciate it.”

Another viewer added: “I really enjoyed this. Screenshot in the hopes future me will look.”

A future side hustler shared: “I found you today and followed you due to your honesty and helpful info thank you.”

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