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The City forward flicks a pass to the left to a surging, unmarked player at the edge of the City box. You watch as the City forwards feet skid across the wet grass, as his body twists and turns, as all the elements of footballing reality are thrown into sharp relief:City are defending in a 4-4-2, the City goalkeeper is man-marking his strikers, defenders and fullbacks, and the City fullbacks are high up the pitch, cutting in from the flank to support the attackers. The City forward is going to have to take the right decision about whether he wants to attack with the ball or to try to pass it back across the six City defenders. You pass it back to your attackerIf you want to try to pass back across the six City defenders, then you have to move into the City half as quickly as possible and that means sprinting from four to two. If, on the other hand, you want to move into the City half, you will have to sprint from six to four. You should take the ball, not the other way round. You take the ballIts time to take the ball. The question is, will you be able to pass back across the six City defenders. You are a man of great speed, and at this moment in time, you can beat the defenders easily:You sprint towards City goal, heading towards the six City defenders:As you arrive, you are faced with a decision:Are you going to pass back across the six City defenders. OrAre you going to pass right through the six defenders,and then dribble from six to five. You pass through the six defendersIf you pass through the.

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