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A MAJOR EV brand has revealed a bizarre campervan concept that can transform into a mobile shop.

The unique new motorhome was unveiled at this week's Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo.

Toyota showed off a concept model of the Kayoibako van, based on the same setup as their new FT-Se electric sports car.

The model is named after the boxes that deliver parts to the assembly line at the manufacturer's production plants, with the moniker roughly translating to "community box".

Throughout the display, the brand configured the van in multiple ways, with one being an unusual campervan set-up.

The floor of the passenger area is dotted with X-shaped sockets which can be used to hold any number of custom fixtures in places.



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In the camper spec, the van was set up with three racks of passenger seats, a roof rack and a rear ladder, while also having enough room for space-saving camping kit, including a table and storage unit.

There was even a colour-matched canoe on the roof rack to complete the outdoorsy image.

In the front, the cockpit is fitted in futuristic style.

There is no passenger seat, though one can be attached using the X sockets, and the sliding rear door and slamming front door meld together seamlessly without a B-pillar.

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Inside EV camper van with beds and shower for under £5k – but there’s a catch

A vast screen extends across the width of the entire windscreen, sitting just below the driver's eye-line.

This features as a digital dashboard, with a speedometer, clock, satnav and front and rear-facing cameras all displayed.

There is also a smaller tablet-style touchscreen just to the left of the rectangular steering wheel to control the car's systems, all set in to the physical dashboard.

Perhaps strangest of all, though, is the ability to convert the van into a mobile shop.

Display racks can be fixed into the rear passenger section, allowing vendors to show off their products and even run their store out of their motor.

Toyota is yet to announce a production schedule for the little van but it's sure to be one of the most eye-catching EVs on the market when it is released.

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