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THIS innovative steering wheel looks like it belongs in a sci-fi movie.

Created by car giant Toyota, this yoke technology ditches the traditional wheel for a futuristic-looking device… and it could pave the way for the next era of the motors industry.

This bizarre-looking 'wheel' is powered by electric motors, position sensors and servos which enables it to control the motor's wheels – replacing the direct mechanical link between the wheels and the steering wheel.

It looks similar to what you would find in a Formula One car… or a very high-performing sports car.

While some have voiced their concerns, the same electronic systems can be found in aircraft, and the EU has a set of regulations that legislate standards for such systems… so it's perfectly legit.

Toyota has been working on this futuristic steer-by-wire system for a few years and was able to test the yoke's capabilities last year – with production scheduled at the end of next year.

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Toyota is not the first motors giant to release this innovative steering technology – Tesla's 2022 Yoke steering received a lot of criticism for how laboured and intensive it was at low speed, with multiple rotations needed to go from lock to lock.

So how does the Tesla's Yoke compare to Toyota? Unlike the Tesla, Toyota's steering can go from lock to lock in less than a turn of the wheel.

However, according to The Telegraph, which tried out Toyota's new wheel, the car was difficult to drive at low speeds with the vehicle 'overreacting' with minimal input.

They said: "It was darn difficult to park with what seems like needlessly fast steering, leaving you feeling slightly out of control."

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Those who tested the yoke steering also noticed that at high speeds the steering modes transitioned and "it felt quite gritty".

Toyota has also been working on another innovative project – a steering yoke with accelerator and brake features on the wheel that replaces the standard foot pedals.

These features are normally found in vehicles for diasabled drivers and Toyota has worked with Paralympians alongside this project.

It has been reported that, much like their futuristic yoke steering, this project has some way to go before it can be manufactured on their cars.

It is said to be "far from progressive" with a "creaking leaver behind the yoke" acting as the brake and the accelerator a more ergonomic feature with a "thumb-operated rotary control on the right side".

On top of this, the steering was reported to be as twitchy as their other yoke steering build, particularly at low speeds – the brakes were sensitive and easy to 'over-apply' so that people in the car were jolted forwards into "artificial hazards on the test track".

Both Toyota and Tesla think that this new innovative technology will become standard practice in futuristic vehicles.

Motorists, you need to maintain this particular part of your car or risk a fine or even having your licence taken away.

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