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You dont do itYou dont go and sit in a classroom waiting to pay your money. That night you look at your calendar and find the time set to meet someone. A nice woman with long white hair and bright eyes. You call herYou pick up on the first ring. Well, I dont know who you are, but I do know I owe you for this weeks course work. I know my credit isnt great right now. Yeah, I know you probably dont want to help me or I wouldnt ask you to do it, but I cant do it. If I didnt have time to do this right now I wouldnt be able to. I just started this school four months ago. You need money for rent and I can use my personal funds to pay your rent for the week. I just need you to get my number off of the screen for me. You hang up and dont answer the next three calls. Time passes and you find yourself doing this without her. You dont like this feeling of doing something, but then feeling like you shouldnt. Youre in a rush to finish up this month and you didnt want to make her feel bad. By the end of the month, you start to feel like youre starting to lose the ability to complete this task, or that something else is happening to you. Youre losing sleep and you dont think you can get it done tonight.

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