Lynsey Crombie Queen of Clean’s ‘cheap’ product to eradicate limescale in bath and toilet

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Lynsey Crombie, known as Lynsey_QueenofClean on Instagram told the secret to getting rid of limescale from the bath is white vinegar. She said: “White vinegar, spray it in the bath and leave it. Just leave it a few hours.”

For the toilet, she recommended citric acid.

“In your toilet, sometimes it can get that brown colour.

“Citric acid molecules are the best thing for that.

“Again, citric acid is cheap, it’s about a pound. Just pour it down the toilet.”

She warned while bleach can help keep your toilet clean, it will not get rid of limescale on its own.

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“What bleach will do with those marks in your toilet, if you’ve ever had that, it will clear them for a couple of days, and then it’ll come back because it’s only masking the marks, it’s not actually breaking them down.”

What is limescale?

Limescale is a dry calcium carbonate created by hard water evaporating.

Hard water is water with a high mineral content, such a limestone or chalk. If you notice your shampoo foams less in your home, you may well have hard water.

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It also appeared where there is hot water, in kettles and boilers.

The build-up is unsightly and off-putting at the bottom of a toilet bowl.

It can be off-white, grey, pink, or even red and brown.

Lynsey also detailed her two must-have cleaning products. 

She said: “If you go to any supermarket, you go down the aisle and there’s everything.

“There’s pink bottles, blue bottles, green bottles. And you know what?

“The consumer gets sucked into this and feels that they need to buy four disinfectants because there are four different colours. You don’t need to do that.”

Lynsey has a very simple cleaning shopping list.

“Buy one washing-up liquid, one toilet beach and honestly that’s all you need in your cleaning cabinet,” she said.

Use lemons and bicarbonate of soda to boost the items’ cleaning power.

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