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THE luxury Ineos Grenadier 4X4 designed by Britain's richest man could be yours – but it won't come cheap.

This car is manufactured by INEOS Automotive, owned by billionaire Jim Ratcliffe.

Jim – a self-made man who grew up in a council house in Manchester – drove 1,800 miles from Mongolia to Beijing in a handful of Grenadiers, 1920s Bentleys and 1952 Land Rover.

His Grenadier 4×4 starts from £59,000 and rivals the Land Rover Defender and Toyota Land Cruiser.

Available to buy now are two five-seater station wagon models aimed at private buyers and both available with petrol or diesel.

Both models have BMW motors and Brembo brakes, the Daily Mail reports.


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The Fieldmaster is aimed more at lifestyle drivers, while the Trialmaster is for more hard-core off-roading fans.

They are called 'Belstaff Editions', after the motorsport-inspired clothing brand which Ratcliffe's Ineos also owns.

There are two more versions classed as "light commercial" vehicles: a two seater Utility Wagon priced from £55k and a five-seater Station Wagon from around £59k.

The Grenadiers have LED front lights, a chunky front bumper and steel wheels.

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Ratcliffe revealed that he had spent around £1.3 billion launching the Ineos Automotive division to date.

The CEO of INEO, Jim Ratcliffe, said to This is Money: "The idea behind the Grenadier is t develop a 4X4 that will be an uncompromising, no frills, no fuss vehicle that provides the best-in class off-road capability, durability and utility."

"It will support those who depend on a vehicle as a working tool, wherever they are in the world."

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