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Ve been wanting it for awhile for a gift for my wife, but I do have a few of the old type items that will do. Re willing to meet me in person before you give me your stuff. You get in your car and head to the Best Western on the way. Re pleasantly surprised to find a very nice lady behind the counter. The lady says as she looks you up and down. T understand why that sign is at eye level. S the sign on top of a cake stand for those of you who have never been prior to today. S a very simple act, but it is very impressive. I see, so what can I do for you today. S up to you, but if you want it, you can get it, I got some good ones on the counter. Ll bet you probably got a bigger tip for finding that check than I did for getting it. I got a big tip for finding the bill and getting the job. You get more confused while the girl tells the next customer to get his stuff and the waitress comes back.

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