Lorry driver ‘fixes’ his broken indicator by sellotaping a Lucozade bottle to his rear lights

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STUNNED police officers caught a lorry driver using a Lucozade bottle for an indicator.

The bottle was flattened and stuck onto the rear lights using tonnes of sticky tape.

West Yorkshire traffic cop Dave Cant stopped the vehicle on the M62 near Bradford.

Having tweeted pictures of incident, 'Traffic Dave' joked that the Lucozade bottle was actually a good colour match.

The brake light on the lorry was also broken, as well as having a smashed wing mirror and cracked windscreen.

Pulled over on November 3, the unnamed driver had even overloaded the vehicle to make matters worse.

The driver was fined and prohibited from moving the lorry until the weight issue was rectified.

He was in the process of delivering beds, with the vehicle originating from "the wrong side of the Pennines", according PC Cant's tweets.

When asked what the driver will get [as punishment], the officer also quipped "hydration and lots of energy".

Another Twitter user commented: "That is quite possibly he worst HGV I've seen on English roads!".



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