Lloyds Bank issues scam warning over British Gas fraud email

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Fraud victim finds it hard to trust anyone after falling for scam

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The bank is urging anyone receiving these messages to “delete it” as soon as possible due to people being at risk of being conned out of their money. Emails pretending to be British Gas are claiming to offer customers refunds on their energy bills if they click on a link included in the email. However, Lloyds Bank is sounding the alarm that this scam is targeting households during the cost of living crisis.

Since last month, the average household energy bill has risen by 27 percent even with the price guarantee in place.

With this hike, struggling households have turned to Government cost of living payments and support schemes from energy suppliers to survive.

One of the energy providers which has such a scheme is British Gas, with some households eligible for grants of up to £1,500 to tackle energy debt.

With this support in place, the supplier is viewed by customers as reliable which is something scammers appear to be taking advantage of.

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As part of the scam email, the criminals will not address the recipients by name and the message may contain spelling or grammar mistakes.

On top of this, the sender’s email address will be fake and a clear impersonation of the email accounts used by British Gas.

Included with the link, the scammers will share how much money will be refunded to the customer and give a reference number.

They will cite that British Gas has checked their records and discovered the household is eligible for a sizable refund.

To help its customers, Lloyds has shared guidance on what people should do if they ever get sent a fraudulent email posing as British Gas.

On its website, the bank explained: “If you get an email like this, don’t reply or click on any link. Just delete it.

“To check if a British Gas email is genuine, call them on a number you trust, not one from a message. To report the scam email to British Gas, forward it to phishing@centrica.com.

“Contact us right away if you clicked on the link and made a payment or shared your banking details.”

British Gas has also issued a warning to customers over the rise in these types of scams during the economic downturn.

In response, the supplier has outlined the various emails it will use to reach out to customers if they need to provide an update on their account.

The following internal email are used by the supplier for communication: @britishgas.co.uk, @cd.britishgas.co.uk, @q.britishgas.co.uk, @mail.britishgas.co.uk, @mail.energy.britishgas.co.uk, @centrica.co.uk, @energy.britishgas.co.uk.

Any variation of this would suggest the email is fake and could be a scammer impersonating British Gas.

According to the energy company, communication with customers is limited and private information between both parties is not directly shared over email.

The supplier explained: “We’ll never ask you to reply directly to our email. But if you do, you’ll get an auto-response with helpful solutions on our website.

“Aside from our welcome email which will include your contract or agreement, we don’t add attachments to our emails.

“We’ll only link back to the britishgas.co.uk website – but it’s best not to click on any links if you’re in any doubt.”

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