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Many voters would rather vacate the country than have to vacate the country for anymore. You cant wait to see someone fail this test. Your heart sinks as you realize youll likely not pass. You sigh and wonder if its for the best you failed. Life in the States has been like living under the fucking thumb of some fascist redneck dickweed. You know its not your fault, your mom wouldnt let you leave. She was a good girl at heart, just following orders and never questioning things. You were born to be a soldier and a soldier is supposed to kill people. You just thought that you might get to leave when in your twenties and be a free man. Instead youre here, forced to live under a fascist government, with only a dead father who left you and a dead mother who didnt. The thought is a depressing one and your mind drifts to the time when you had a father in your life. A good guy all around and the only one to ever really like you. You shake your head, wondering what the hell happened that you lost him. You feel like you could have so much more with a dad. The night of the voting arrives as you wake up from your nap and rush to get your stuff together. You remember you need to bring your ID and vote. You feel like voting will be more productive than getting drunk and waiting around in line. As you head towards the voting place in the middle of the park, you see a group of people huddling around a TV. You recognize them as your high school friends from the film class. Is it finally time for us to play the damn game. I remember when we used to just sit there and talk about movies and shit. Then, theres a loud pop followed by the screen going black. You can hardly speak straight, but you find the strength to choke out the words in between sobbing. Your mother turns away from one of your sisters who has her knee in her back and looks at you. She then stands up and walks over to youShhh. You wrap your arms around your crying mother and squeeze her tight as youre unable to speak.

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