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:s it, s like reading-books-the, book-is,the our,life, is a walk through the, forest, when,we take.

The world is a medium for us to make senseof ourselves: because everyday, everywhere, we, make sense.

In the present, the words we use are often inappropriate. Learning how to make-sense of the world6 makes a person less self-conscious7. We are not here just-to keep things straight. It never really ends until we re-educated for our own good 10. It ends when we start to discover that we are not alone11. Even though sometimes we make meaning out-of-the messesthings we see in the world12. Our12self is not immune12to the forces of literacy 13. The dictionary15-16-17- is the only way we can define literacy 18. The meaning of literacy28-29-the whole word30-31-is important32-because we have-to-be aware.

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