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The call is the most up to date information on Apples stock exchange and its price. When you get to the conference room you enter, youre greeted by a man who looks to be in his mid-forties and wears a black suit. Im here to see if I can get some of my shares in my account. Thats pretty interesting, a guy who wants to be a shareholder wants to speak to you. I just want to ask a few questions about yourself. Well, you see, I dont really know very much about you. I mean, I do know that youre a business student that wants to become a millionaire and have a nice house, but beyond that, I dont know too much about you. Im just a normal college student, I guess. Um, okay, so youre just a normal student interested in business, is that it. Im just a college student, nothing more. Ah, well as I said, maybe if you had more money, youd be interested in some of that shit. Youre not sure what to make of him, he might be trying to bait you by getting you to say something youd like, but thats why you always try to be a little cautious when you speak with people. You say No, thanks, thats not the reason why I came here. Okay, you dont like my approach then, you dont have to come and speak to me. I mean Ive never considered myself greedy in the past, but Im starting to be concerned about the future of Apple. I mean, I dont have too much money, so my concerns are naturally lower, but if thats the case, I should be looking at some of the other options that might be available to me. But I should be able to find a way to make some money to help the company. Well, in all honesty, its all about the money for you.

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