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Re also starting to get a little worried. You continue to study the map, while your eye catches something. It was once the greatest city in the land, you know that much. The only conceivable way for it to get lost is through complete and utter disaster. Ve never seen any sign of disaster either on the map or in your studies of history. Ve read all about the lost city of New Dessel years ago. It was an ancient city that was built in the middle of the jungle that was once the greatest city empire in the known world. The city was built on the land of New Dessel, which was home to hundreds of native people that were just like the humans that lived in the city. This allowed the city to be self sufficient, and allowed the original inhabitants to survive. T long before their city was destroyed. This caused the humans to take up residence in the city and build a city of their own. The humans were less friendly, but they managed to take care of their own population. However, for some reason the Empire was never able to completely take over New Dessel. The natives have always had a special closeness to the Empire, and never wanted any part of it. Eventually the Empire suffered the same fate as the New Dessel native people. The humans were just too strong, and soon the Empire was reduced to little more than the ruins it was before, all because they were stronger than the native humans, and they were just too stupid to realize it. You think about all the people you once worked with and for, all your friends you spent time with, all the places you were supposed to be in. And all the places you were, and it all seems so small. Re just going to keep going, and keep surviving. D just sit and survive out there.

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