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There are, many The relationship between DiCaprio and Mira Django, isnt always pure. There you go: The DiCaprio Diaries, as I like to call it: DiCaprios relationship to Miranda Dango in an art gallery and DiCaprios other relationships are just as relevant as how he portrays Leo DiCaprio in his movies. Also, I didnt include The Wolf of Wall Street because Im trying to be a little more realistic about this post. Ill admit that my last comic was not a great joke. I guess I am in the youve had it too good for too long and need a reality check club. But Im thinking the real world is starting to bite. And since most of us are here on the Internet, I need to go to the bathroom, get food, buy stuff, talk to people. I guess I can make fun of it because I get the chance, but its just not the same. So, while I was at a party, I thought Id do something that I havent done for awhile: write a comic. Anyway, that means a real comic is coming, the first of what I hope will be several. In the mean time, I hope youll join us on Facebook and Twitter. If a comic is all we got, thats all well ever make. So how did you like my first one. Well, except for the title, You really liked my first comicWell, it was a good start. Hah And maybe we have a lot of time left in this relationship. Hah, If thats the case, then well just keep it up. Ill just say this: Youre always welcome to join me over at my house, if you want to come watch TV on my couch. Theres a bunch of old VHS tapes I had lying around that are still safe to watch. I mean if we keep it up, how long do we really have and can I get away with it. But I promise, once Ive had kids and Im sure in the prime of my life, well start having sex again. I mean its my body, my decisions, so Id say Im in charge.

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