Legislatures are made up of individual members, known as legislators, …


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The firstYou have heard of the word, but you have never heard of the idea. But in the middle of the road, between the traffic, in the middle of the intersection, you see a woman. Her dress is a dark blue dress that goes almost to her knees and also has long sleeves. Her voice is low and smooth, almost like a whisper, not like the voice of a woman. It seems that she is looking at something not too far away. You can tell because you can hear nothing but the sound of water from the waterfall that cascades behind the house. She is holding a little doll in her hands, and from where you are you do not even know if the little girl is talking to the doll or to herself. You do not know how to ask her. You have nothing to give to her, and what can you give. But you see her from close by, and you can only conclude that she has to answer your question. Then the question comes to you: Are you the one I have met before, in the forest. I dont think our paths should cross again unless I know something about you. You look at her for a moment, then at your feet, then back at the girl. You say, No, I have things to do,No, I have things to do, you say.

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