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With all the shit thats going on, you cant even get into the library right now so you have to wait for the first class to start so that you can leave. By the time the first class ends, the sun is about to go down. The professor has left the room and you can hear more students milling about in the various rooms that make up the library. And then something hits you in the back of the head knocking you to the ground. You feel like youre in slow motion for a moment and then you realize that youre alive. Youre sitting in some dimly lit corner of the library. There is no one around you at first glance but you realize that there is a dark figure lurking nearby. You look around and see that you are in the library with a table on the floor along with a chair, a couple of books and a couple of chairs and a bookshelf. However, its curtains are drawn and you can see into one of the rooms in the library where there are a group of people conversing in hushed tones. You try to make out more than the vague shape of the figure that is lurking nearby but you fail and eventually a few of the other students walk over to you. The first thing you notice is that they are all holding their ears which are still ringing from whatever it was that hit you. I think we were having an allergic reaction to something. Suddenly the whole group begins to quiet down. Its then you see the dark shape that was lurking nearby at the time of your fall. It doesnt take long before the rest of them see it too. I think thats whats going on, another student replies. Its not like you had much of a chance to react really. You try to stand back up, but you cant help but be pushed backwards into the wall. I think we should call the nurses office, another student suggests. I mean we can call someone else to help us, but we dont want to. You cant just go calling any random nurses office and expect to get help, a high schooler says. If there are a bunch of people arguing that the student should call a nurses office, why arent you. Youd better get the hell out of here before you get caught.

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