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T have needed to resort to such desperate ways to survive. T seem like you would have been any use as a merchant. Re a nice young lady after you first gave me the shirt. I just never really cared about your methods before and I was wondering what the heck is going on with my recent change in personality. M a different person now, and people really like it.

M aware of the way things are done around here. Now, then: what can we do for you, sir. M looking for a job as a security guard in the city. Ah, yes, of course I can help you with that. Wait, are you an employee of the company or do you work for the government. D be interested in working in a nearby bar or tavern. Re actually better than those in the city, I can tell you that much. Re aware that the city is currently experiencing a high crime rate, particularly in lower-class districts. S statement, but you soon recover and continue. T be a shortage of workers to cover all the various locations in the city. S just not enough work being done. Ve heard, the Dust District has been declared a criminal enclave and many of the working class are starting to feel a little nervous about going about their business in it at all. T uncommon for businesses in such communities to be attacked, which is why businesses in other areas are getting more frequent criminal attacks on them now. Well, that and the fact that most of the Dust District is a mess with the violent groups moving between locations. Hmmm, sounds like it is a bit of both, but at least there is some more than security here. Perhaps, but you see the point, sir. You mean like the days of old, before the government.

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