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In this way the citizens are brought into the administration, and the businesses become like the citizens and only exist to serve the government. You look around briefly and then nod. The citizens are what the government relies on, so I guess you can keep them, but the businesses are where the real power is. The man nods and walks off in the direction of the elevator. Do you think this government will be around in ten years when we have a real war. M a simple courier, I mainly deliver letters to the lower class and occasional packages. I do odd jobs here and there for a few coin for a few hours work. I hate fighting and killing, but I suppose my skills have come in handy. M going to the meeting point of the Syndicate meeting point. M not carrying anything with me, just my name and what little coin I have. When I get there, I need to meet your men and the leader of the meeting point. Ve never had much to lose if things go wrong. You and Not-Me both exit the vehicle and head inside the building. As you walk through the entrance and up a ladder to the roof, you see that the place has taken quite a hit. The roof is caved in and the large portion of the building that was still standing is now in ruins. The building itself is also in a lot of disrepair, with what remains of the upper floors lying in ruins as well. You take note of what to expect for a meeting point for the Syndicate. In fact it actually used to be just a small apartment building, but it was expanded in the past decade to include a store, a nightclub, and even a bank. You see a small crowd sitting inside the store. The store itself looks to have been recently looted.

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