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You look at her blankly for a moment, and at last you say,I think we know each other. You are not sure why you are so unsure of your first encounter with her. She must have come here before, and while it has been a short time, you have seen her around here before. Even though she is a bit out of your experience zone, she has given you a good reason to meet her and learn more about her life. Of course, the real reason you are unsure is that you do not want to be on guard all the time. You meet her in the lobbyYou walk to the front door of the hotel and as you look around, you notice the lobby is packed with people. You notice some people standing nearby, and you also notice yourself. You take a deep breath and look yourself in the mirror. You look younger than you were. You are dressed in a pair of jeans and a wrinkled button up shirt. S so late, you feel a bit self-conscious. You turn to face the crowd in front of you. As you do so, a woman steps up to you. You are taken a little aback by this sudden introduction. It would be like someone introducing you to their best friend, if that friend was a complete stranger. You look at her, trying to read her. You remember that you have seen her in this hotel before. S said she was a woman of means who had connections back in school. Ve never been asked such a personal question before. Ve always been told to keep your personal life to yourself. You almost feel like you know her. T help the laugh that escapes from your lips.

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