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Endoftext The story of the creation of The Dark Knight Returns is told in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns 1-3 by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson. This collection also features the introduction of JokerKiller Croc, a character who would play an important role in the DC universe in The New 52. Collects The Dark Knight Returns 1-3; Batman: The Dark Knight Returns 1-3; Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again 1-3; Batman 676-673; Detective Comics 635-636; Catwoman 68-70; CatwomanCatwoman 1-4; Batman 677-686; Batman 687-692; Batman: Year One 1-3. Its almost time for the NHL season to pick up again, which means its time once again for the most important question. The short answer is that no one knows, except for the person whos the NHLs Chief of Broadcasts, and he cant answer that question because he cant see the ceiling. Since the Stanley Cup Playoffs ended, the NHL has released their Power Rankings to the general public to see how theyll do going into the new season. As one of the NHLs top reporters, Mike Heika, told me Monday night, these rankings are very good and very accurate. If you believe the people who listen to the NHL Network the leagues official broadcast partners, and the people who put together the rankings this years draft is looking up for the first time in years. But Heika isnt the only one who cant tell.

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