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Yeah, just got a message from ESPN, said Brian. Its all on the ESPN app, just search Jimmy Butler. Great, and I dont have an app on my phone, you say. We can just download it, then, Brian says. I wish, I dont want to install anything, you say. Brian presses the Google search button and then loads a YouTube video of Jimmy Butler. When hes done, Brian turns off the phone and turns it around to you. If you want, you can watch the video of him, or you could ask him some questions, Brian says. Im getting too old to be doing either, you say. Great, well what are these questions about Jimmy Butler. Well, this is more of a survey, so dont worry too much. Hell be answering any question you have, but if you have a real detailed question, tell me at the end, Brian says. Oh, this would be a lot easier than I thought it would be, you say. You go through the survey about ButlerYou watch Jimmy Butlers YouTube video. Its a little over three minutes long, and its mostly him just chatting into a camera and giving a short description of himself as to why he does certain things. Thats Jimmy Butler, Brian says when youve finished watching the video and are about to leave. Here, Brian hands you a question sheet, which you immediately open and begin to read aloud. What is the first thing Jimmy Butler does when he wakes up in the morning. I get down on my knees to beg forgiveness for God, Jimmy Butler says. I went to the church on my way to the grocery store, Jimmy Butler says. This is the first time Ive answered a question on YouTube, so I took time to learn everything I could. My mom is very worried about me, but Im trying to brush it off. I cant go to college and live my life as a normal person. An old movie of my dads, Jimmy Butler says. I have an old vinyl LP with our familys music on it.

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