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The US is on trial for a decade of war crimes in Afghanistan. The Afghan people are on trial for their right to exist. The people of the world are on trial for their responsibility for the crimes of the few. Lets continue to live, lets continue to feel the pain. Lets remember all those who died so that we might fight again. The United States is going to show absolutely no mercy for those who slaughtered more than 3,000 our people in the worst atrocity in recent history. But the question is this: are we going to prove that they are not either. There is no evidence, and that is one of the reasons this trial is so critical. With a lack of evidence, the government cant say the allegations are true, but it can and will blame the entire blame of the crimes of the Taliban on you. The Afghan government, which is on trial, knows that it is going to come under tremendous pressure to just say yes to anything the United States wants. The Taliban knows it is going to lose support among the population. The United States knows that it is going to face harsh criticism from the international community for prosecuting those who would kill its innocent and defenseless people, especially in a war zone. You are the only people who can stop all of this. We know the United States is waging a war of aggression in Afghanistan, but have you seen what we are doing in Afghanistan. We are trying to build a free society, a democracy, in a land ruled by a brutal regime. Its too early to know if the Afghan people will not rise up and try to take back their lives from the brutal tyranny the Americans continue to impose. Its too early to know what the world will think of this trial. But if we can prove that the United States is guilty of a war crime, then we will be able to prove that the Afghan people are also guilty of genocide, crimes against humanity. The government of the United States has the resources and the influence, it has the police force, the secret police, the military, the corporate media, a powerful intelligence network and most importantly, a lot of people willing to put their lives on the line if necessary to defend the United States from international criticism for prosecuting those who have killed and maimed its citizens.

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