Landlord offers ‘room’ in London kitchen for £280 per week

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A SpareRoom advert has caused an outcry on Twitter after a London landlord was seen to be offering a ‘room’ in a kitchen and asked that prospective tenants be out of the room every day.

Shared to the social media site, snippets from the ad, which has since been deleted, revealed a vacant room to rent in Teddington was actually not a bedroom. Tara Jane O’Reilly tweeted: “A new renting in London low: a ‘room’ in a *kitchen* for a lovely £285pw, you aren’t allowed to be home between the hours of 9am-5pm but don’t worry, the live-in landlord doesn’t cook smelly food in your bedroom. I’m shook.”

Photos of the advert show part of the property’s description, reports MyLondon. They read: “This place suits a professional, someone that works at their office from like 9am to 5pm. As the kitchen is in your room, I will need access to make a coffee, get water and get some food from the fridge. I won’t be cooking smelling food so don’t worry.

“Available as a shared place, for professionals that DO NOT work from home. You must go to work 9-5pm, £280 per week. Or as a Studio, the place is all yours £750 week – rented with a real mattress.

“This is a luxury place, open plan kitchen with a comfy sofa bed (real mattress can be provided) in Teddington in the Borough of Richmond upon Thames. Heated floors.”

Tara followed up the tweet by saying: “This was the first ad I saw when I braved SpareRoom *just in case* there were new rooms that were at least modern enough to justify paying the £££ we have to pay to rent in London now. But alas, it is not viable to live here anymore! and I grew up here! it’s not home anymore!”

Tara’s tweet has been viewed over 138,800 times, racking up 235 retweets, 109 Quote Tweets and 1,171 likes. Others couldn’t believe the advert, expressing their shock at the description.

One person replied: “Why is “real mattress” repeated twice. Who has been sold fake mattresses. What’s the weird alternative.”

Another wrote: “A real mattress? Ambassador, you are spoiling us.”

A third said, “Renting in London really the wild west,” while a fourth commented, “lmao at ‘heated floors’. As if spending huge amounts of money to sleep in someone’s kitchen is improved by this”.

A fifth agreed: “Since when has ‘luxury’ been a bed in someone’s kitchen? Incredible. The gall.”

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