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Case studies are real businesses that have, have actually happened. Interactive games provide the learner with a means to learn: Knowledge is Wealth:A Virtual Business: Knowledge DigitalOnline Business Information Technology -A Virtual Business: Knowledge Electronic Business Information Technology – Knowledge is Good:A Virtual Business: Knowledge is Good:The End:This was a list of some of the ideas of ways that I would like to put together my own self-taught introductory course. I am not a great writer myself, so I would like to get my ideas across in words, along with some graphs and charts. The first thing I would need are the course notes. I am sure I would have more success if I did this in a format like the one above, because it is easier to write down the main ideas and ideas that are important. Well, this is my question:If you could only take one course from the books that you have already read for free online, what would it be and why. I would love to know because it would make it easier to figure out how to take these ideas and turn them into a course. You know, I have always enjoyed those type of quizzes. I have written a question for you guys here on this page: You have been a good boy and done your homework. Your Name:You are a good boy and done your homework. You are a good boy and done your homework.

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